The Swedish born artist Kristofer Hultenberg (1971) lives and works in Copenhagen. His paintings and drawings have links to an abstract / formal tradition. But here cease, the possibilities of locating Hultenberg in art history´s well defined categories. With his work he seeks toward a contradictory free space, between absolutes, where he manoeuvres with a penchant for irrational impulses. 

For Hultenberg each art work rises against a background of a "grey pulp" of unlimited possibilities and he is interested in how an image can enhance this narrative. Typical of the works is an insistence on unexpected conditions that fail to explain themselves, and they usually keep well clear of both representation and other elements that may contribute to a convenient conventional understanding. Figuration is only present as defective trials and the works formal structures are disturbed by awkward breaks and deviations. 

Kristofer Hultenberg graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1999 and is represented in both private and public collections in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. He has furthermore  participated in numerous international exhibitions  including Bonnier Kunstverein, Germany,  ICA Philadelphia,  USA and CCA Lagos, Nigeria.

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